Monday, April 28, 2014

Haley + Rob :: Spring Valley Resort :: Langley, Oklahoma

Haley and Rob value authenticity, love, honesty, family, and friendships. These values were evident during my five day stay in Langley, Oklahoma where I spent a lot of time with Haley's incredibly warm Greek family who treated me to the very best home cooked steak I've ever eaten. Rob's family opened their doors to me as if I'd been a town resident for all of my life. Haley and Rob's lifelong friends traveled from many different states to celebrate their union. Haley and Rob have something special...and it makes me happy to know that they realize it. Thank you to Haley and Rob and their friends and family for adopting me as one of their own for the week. Much love.


Carol said...

Chuck, thanks so, so much! I can't stop looking at them!


Robinson Usagani said...

Well done Chuck!

Stargirl said...

Chuck, these are marvelous. So glad I had a chance to meet you and be a part of this special weekend.

Anonymous said...

Chuck. You are an incredible photographer! You captured a beautiful time in our lives. :) Thank you!
It was great meeting you. You fit right into our family! Opa! (Wasn't that steak out of this world?)
Patty Poulos-Haydon

Steve Poulos said... did a lovely job. Hope your son is well