Friday, July 2, 2010

Philadelphia/New Jersey Wedding Photography: Gosia and John

I have known John for about 17 years ( just hit me how long its actually been as I wrote that). I worked for him and his brothers at their restaurant, Macaroni's in Northeast Philadelphia, when I was a teenager. I also proposed to my wife there when John opened his place on a day they were closed and cooked a private meal for us. To say that John is all class is an understatement.

John approached me over a year ago about photographing his wedding, but unfortunately I was not photographing weddings at that time. So he asked me to refer someone to him. I immediately thought of the seriously talented Sergio Mottola. Mark my words, Sergio will be on top of the wedding industry in a few years. John and Gosia agreed and booked Sergio who in turn asked me to be his second shooter.

Click HERE to view Sergio's view of the day:

Here are my selections: