Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carleigh (Sneak Preview)

Just a peek for now.....

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Anonymous said...

As Carleigh's mother, I have to let everyone know how WONDERFUL Chuck Anerino is to work with. As with many 2 year olds, Carleigh is not the most cooperative child in the world, and it is hard to get a "good" picture of her let alone, an AMAZING one! Chuck immediately made Carleigh feel comfortable and worked hard to keep her engaged and entertained during our almost 2 hour session. After we got home she even said, "I like Chuck. He is silly. When is he coming over our house?"

Chuck's work speaks for itself, but his ability to capture the true spirit of a child is a gift! I will be sure to use Anerino Originals for all my future photography needs!!!!

Amy McCaffery